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About the Shop

From the first to the third floor, we have collected team sports!
We have a variety of products from new products to bargain items, from entry-level models to professional models, all waiting for you to visit our store.
We also accept orders for uniforms for various sports, so please feel free to contact us.
Rugby we carry brands:
Canterbury, Asics, Adidas, Mizuno, Under Armour, Gilbert

TEL: 03-3831-7961  FAX: 03-3831-7666
4-6-3 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005
Open everyday  10:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
1 min. Walk from Okachimachi Station (JR line)
5 min. Walk from Ueno Station (JR and any other lines)
2 min. Walk from Ueno-Okachimachi Station (Toei-Subway Oedo line)
3 min. Walk from Ueno-Hirokouji Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza line)
3 min. Walk from Nana-Okachimachi Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)

Message from Staff:
From team uniforms to accessories, we have models for every sport.
Although not available in our store, we can also order large items such as soccer goals, pitching machines, volleyball nets, and basketball goals!
If you want something like this! Please contact us for more information!
Please contact us for more details!




All Swimming Accessories, Junior Swimwear

Swimming accessories in general
Goggles (swimming goggles/fitness goggles/junior goggles/goggles with Prescription/spare rubber, etc.)
Caps (mesh/silicon/tricot, etc.)
Chamois towels, proof bags, inner shorts, chest pads, earplugs, rolled towels, etc.

Bags (backpacks, mesh bags, knapsacks)
Junior swimwear
School swimsuits

This is a floor where all swim accessories are gathered in one place.
You can find everything here!
If you are looking for a complete line of accessories, please come here!
We also have junior swimsuits and practice swimsuits for junior swimmers here.
Other junior swimwear floors
Competition swimsuits→3rd floor of Ameyoko


Soccer / Futsal

-Soccer equipment (spikes, training shoes, game shirts, game pants, plastic shirts, stockings, jerseys, windbreakers, pistes, innerwear, bags, balls, keeper equipment, referee equipment, etc.)

-Rugby equipment (spikes, game shirts, game pants, headgear, stockings, jerseys, windbreakers, mouthpieces, balls, etc.)

-Others (national team related goods, club team related goods, etc.)

Marking Studio
Rugby spike nut repair and replacement
Please check with the store in advance as some products may not be available.

We have a wide variety of uniforms and goods for the Japanese national team, J-League, and club teams around the world, as well as shoes used by famous players, various clothing, bags, referee goods, and more. For those who are setting up a new team, we offer a team order service that can be arranged according to your detailed wishes.
We also offer a wide variety of rugby products such as spikes and wear. In addition to Japan national team related goods and replica jerseys from around the world, we also have a full lineup of Canterbury wear.
A must-see for Canterbury fans!


Volleyball / Beach Ball
Handball / Basketball
Sportswear / Supporters

-Volleyball/Beachball Equipment (Shoes, Game Wear, Plastic Shirts, Game Pants, Knee Supporters, Socks, Balls)

-Handball equipment (shoes, wear, balls), various supporters and taping (knees, ankles, hips, elbows, fingers)

-Basketball shoes, basketball T-shirts, half pants, socks, spats, balls

Beach ball available
Click here for mail order

The basketball corner offers a large selection of ASICS shoes, and a wide variety of clothing for students and minibuses.
The volleyball corner has one of the best selections in Japan, and you may be able to find the products you want.

Please feel free to inquire about ordering team uniforms!
Click here for details.


Baseball / Softball

General baseball equipment (gloves, bats, spikes, training shoes, practice uniforms, undershirts, stockings, maintenance supplies, etc.)

-Grab molding (steam processing)
-Spike P leather attachment (upper stitching)
-Repair and replacement of glove strings (grease replacement)
-Bat grip replacement
Some items may not be available, so please check with the store in advance.

Baseball is Japan's world-class sport!
From equipment of professional models that you admire to practice equipment for club activities.
The main store and the baseball equipment floor meet the needs of all baseball players in club activities, grass baseball, youth baseball, and women's baseball.......

We also have a popular team order service, where you can choose from a wide variety of manufacturers' lineups.
Please feel free to contact us for consultation, repair, and maintenance of baseball equipment.